Johnny and I return from the annual Night In The Park dance downtown. And, I am exhausted after kicking up my 5 inch heels all night long! But, I still look slender in my pretty pink dress with my breasts being xxxx up creating some alluring cleavage. I walk past the dining room table and lay my purse down on the couch. Johnny is only about two seconds behind me with some soft white rope. He pulls me back into the dining room and hoists me up onto our long sleek dining room table. Johnny pops a harness ball gag into my mouth to keep any complaints muffled. But, I’m not complaining. I get to get off my feet and lay on the table for a bit! So, I lay down solicitously on the tabletop. Then, he proceeds to tie me spread eagle with rope to the legs of the table and watches as I squirm eagerly. He doesn’t want to forget how I look tonight, so pretty in pink, so he pulls out the video camera and scans up my stocking clad legs, then up my torso tightly trussed up in a corset and dress, up my chest revealing sumptuous cleavage and then finally focuses on the fetching harness gag.

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