This clip starts where Part 1 ended. Rachel’s arms are pulled down and back… almost as if she wee in an upside down strappado. She yelps as her nipple gets twisted when I clean the oil off so the clamps hold better. She definitely reacts when the clamps are applied and then pulled out to the side and tied off to a concrete block and an old chain hoist. She is left to endure for a short while, before black tape wraps are added on to of her gag, making it tighter and more effective. Her hair is then tied to an old heavy section of railroad track. Rachel is then left by herself once again, with drool running into her eyes and forehead. When Eric returns, he tightens her crotchrope even more. If there was any slack in any of the ropes, it is gone now. Rachel is left to endure her bondage once again. Rachel looks so good hanging with her hips thrust forward and her arms bound and pulling her upper torso in the opposite direction, that she should spend the evening like that. The lights go out. I added a few seconds of Behind The Scenes footage at the very end of the clip.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:53
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Audio: 124kbps

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