This Clip starts where Part 4 ended… Raven is left to endure her hogtie, I ask if she is concentrating on just breathing, which she is. Not much struggling going on at this point, although we like to see it sometimes, we all know it is futile. After a while, I want a new view, so I roll Raven onto her side, because she sure can’t do it herself. She is there for quite some time. I finally get a reaction out of her when I clover clamp her nipples and then pull the clamps tight. I step away once again and let Raven endure her bondage, nose hook, and now the clamps. I remove them a short while later and once again Raven lets out a loud groan. I manhandle her again and slap her nice jean clad ass a few more times before I free her. I remove the sponge from her mouth and she talks a little about her ordeal as I continue removing her ropes.

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