Within the first few moments of 922’s Live Feed, she claims to enjoy being a submissive. Yet it’s obvious that she’s a handful, saucy as hell. As she’s faced with breath restriction, strangulation, electricity, and one mother of a cane, her demeanor tips back and forth. Which side will win out?
She begins by putting herself into bondage, locking metal cuffs around her neck, ankles, and wrists so that she is in a hogtie. Her short skirt has hiked up, showing nice tight ass cheeks. He bags her head. Can it be that she is so quickly dampened? She begs for him to take it off. For that, she must wriggle across the floor and show off her pussy. The bag steams, collapsing onto her face. Her fresh pussy appears not yet interested, still retracted, a few thin strips of flesh…

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