Surprised at a sleepover, two curvaceous sisters-in-law had been curled up together after a day full of chatter catching up on family life. The purloined pair of pretty women – wearing only their pantyhose and long satin nightgowns of creamy, shiny material – were taken stealthily in the night to the home of their hijacker. These women have always been close… but now they are conjoined! Tied together back to back by a tether that stretches their bare arms over head (AOH) to a steel secure point handily high above their heads in this trailer’s ceiling. The guy who put them in their tethers inside his 1980s pad, makes his way around the damsel duo, all seen from his point of view (YOU are the antagonist in this POV!) to rip of satin slips, stroking and groping the gorgeous globes revealed by this clothing destruction. Bared, big breasts bounce and jiggle as the well gagged women try to keep away from his hands, utterly futile, as they balance on tip toes in front of his advances. Then, as the girls have been left alone, padlocked inside the retro abode, they struggle to escape, in a bonus ending scene that leaves these maidens in distress wide eyed!

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