Tight plastic zipties bite into Lauren’s wrists and ankles as the giant guy looms over her, gripping her arms, lifting her off her stiletto heels and up into an unseen vehicle. Her eyes strain to examine her surroundings, only to see black from the tightly woven cloth bagging her head. As Lauren struggles to get to grips with this new level of terror, she hears the mmmphs of a gagged Sandra not far behind her, and the rock of the van as her girlfriend is deposited beside her in a similarly ziptied and hooded predicament. The two MILF socialites can imagine how one another are feeling, though neither can catch a glimpse of more than their cotton hoods. Their strict bondage is shared. Their terrified struggles together, their heightened heart rates beat as one as the engine of the vehicle roars to life! Both damsels strain to keep upright as twists and turns of unseen roads take them on to .

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