The surprise house guest had kept the ladies of the house busy late into the night. The pair would usually have retired by now but tonight they had a visitor who just wouldn’t leave and they were trapped in the kitchen by his attentions… Of course the ropes the unwelcome interloper had bought with him helped with this predicament! Sandra and Lisa were tired out from tangling with the taught ropes tethering them to the table in the heart of their home, the tension their muscles were under immense, as cross legged they sat back to back on the table top. Though each girdle bound gal could feel her girlfriend supporting her, neither could see the other, and so was left to imagine the surprised expression over wide white fabric cloth cleave gagging which matched that of her very own. The broad shouldered brute returned once more to raised squeals of protest from the gagged housewives, as he checked over the knots tying them together, before removing the phone from it’s cradle to ensure if (and that is a very big if!) either of the ladies in vintage shapewear managed to free a hand it was well out of reach …

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