Kneeling on a platform, a device of evil looking intent, Sandra waits and worries on what will be next in her induction to slavedom. Her stilettos kick in the air and her fingers grasp for the ropes that hold her to no avail. Her cries come muffled by the tight wrapping of vetwrap and wodge of fabric in her mouth, the weight of it pressing on her tongue as it soaks up her drool. Her Mistress Lisa Harlotte enters, wheeling a table with a collection of items surely about to add misery to Sandra’s predicament upon the steel frame. A metal bucket is attached to the rope biting into her crotch and one after the other rocks are dropped in… the more Sandra struggles and jolts at each clang of another stone added the more the bucket swings, painfully teasing and tormenting her pussy with its cutting pull.

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