After Sita finished getting dressed, we took her to a large space so she could walk around. The 16cm solid steel plug inside her made Sita very uncomfortable at first, but soon other emotions were mixed in!
Never have you seen a girl torn between feelings like Sita. Locked in a tight rigid style chastity belt with a vaginal plug inside, Sita thinks she should be feeling angry, ashamed, or helpless. Especially after she realised that the belt was not coming off without a key (that she didn’t have or see anywhere), and so there was no way to remove this steel dildo from inside her. But Sita got confused as she also felt arousal when walking around the room. She knew she should not be feeling this, but she did.
Even worse, although she got visibly excited from walking around plugged, she also reached the conclusion that there would be no way to get off! Pushing the plug deeper inside her through her tight jeans made the feeling more intense, but it was nowhere near enough. Amazingly, Sita managed to lift herself onto the high windowsill, sitting down on her plug! She could not stop touching it!

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