Being one of our regular models, Melissa is quite used to being in chastity. Recently, we tried our new thigh bands on her, and we had quite a lot of fun watching Melissa stroll around the studio, stumbling a little because of the odd placement of the new thigh bands.
She was in full chastity for a long time that day, and she was getting really tired. Even so, Melissa was not looking forward to sleeping in all of this metal gear! But we just had to get some pictures and video of her TRYING to sleep in full chastity. So after a quick good night chat with her boyfriend back home (who was laughing very loud at her predicament), Melissa finally tried to go to sleep, locked in a chastity belt, chastity bra, and connected thigh bands.
We never planned to let her sleep all night, and we didn’t expect her to, but she surprised us by actually falling asleep a few times. It is very cute to see her curling up in all this metal, only to be woken up again by the unforgiving steel. In a chastity bra, you have to lie on your back or side, but it is very hard to find any position with your legs locked together.

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