Diva Dominatrix Soma Snakeoil plays rough with her little puppy, Tera Knightly. As cute a puppydog that Tera can be, she still misbehaves and requires some clever punishment. Soma enjoys herself as she spanks, flogs, slaps and erotically tortures Tera. Not grasping the concept of what a predicament is, Tera is given a demonstration that involves clothespins being attached to her most sensitive body parts. She’s made to hold a heavy sandbag that is attached with string to all the clothespins. Once she realizes what will happen if she drops the rope, Tera begins to get the idea of what a predicament she’s really in. Adding to her experience Soma applies a strong vibrator, causing Tera to lose control. As a strong orgasm hits her, she drops the rope and the results are something that you really must see. Tera learned her lesson that day about how pain and pleasure can happily mix.

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