Yes! Sophia Smith is back and she is a real babe! Such a perfect body! All she needs is a chastity belt and she immediately is a certified Chastity Babe, no doubt about it. I should get her belted way more often, I can’t believe she was on this site just once before!!
Sophia is very kinky and has been known to wear handcuffs and a collar in her self produced videos. She loves stockings and gags as well! She was just the perfect girl to lock into a tight FancySteel for the Chastity Prison fantasy that still seems to be a very popular request:
Inmate Sophia Smith is booked into a jail cell, she is assigned a cell number and prisoner number. Still in handcuffs, Sophia is a bit confused about why she has been arrested. The next thing she knows is waking up inside the cell, in an orange jumpsuit. She is no longer handcuffed, but she still doesn’t understand what she is doing in prison. There is no one around to ask or complain to.
When she tries to get up, she feels something under her jumpsuit. It’s very tight and rigid. Panicking, she quickly takes off the jumpsuit to discover the FancySteel belt that has been locked onto her. Who did this to her? Is it part of the prison regime? ‘This is not normal!’. Sophia tries to open the lock by tugging on the belt, and she tries to push the belt down over her hips. It is too tight.

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