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Scene 3 of this feature length film opens in the classroom. Miss Jackson (Dana Specht) and Ms. Cooper (Tasha Lee) each teach the class. There is no incident as all the students are on their toes since hearing about the rules and discipline of the school. None of them want to find themselves over either of the teacher’s knee getting a bare bottom spanking. After classes, Sarah narrates a spanking she hears and witnesses from her bedroom. Jennifer, played by Bianca Rose, is Ms. Cooper’s girl. She is home on break and mom has been sent a letter about her misdoing’s at school. Mom is less than pleased to say the least and plans to deal with this in the strict disciplinary way she knows best. Sarah listens to the scolding and then the spanking of poor Jennifer. The spanking continues until she is sore, red and promising never to be a naughty girl again. But this is not to be the last spanking Jennifer will receive….

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