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Scene 7 of this feature length film is set back in the classroom. 3 ladies have been caught cheeting! Charlotte, Mary, and Judith have been called out to the front of the class to be disiplined. It turned out that on a take away exam the two girls had copied from Charlotte. For their cheating hands they first get the wooden ruler accross their palms which stings very much. Before the rest of their punishment they are made to sit on their bare bottoms trough more of the days lesson to build up the suspense and keep them on their toes knowing it is only a matter of time before they will be spanked. They are then called back up to the front of the class and each taken over strict Mrs. Jackson’s lap for their dreaded bare bottom spanking. How embarrassing to have their punishment carried out in front of the other ladies. After they are spanked, Charlotte is made to sit with her bare bottom hanging over the edge of the naughty stool in front of the class while Mrs. Jackson carries on with the lesson.

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