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Scene 8 of this feature length film is set in Miss Drower, the ‘s, bedroom and her study. Because a spanking in the day means a spanking at bedtime, all three ladies found themselves in front of a very disappointed in nothing but a white camisole, white full bottom panties, and white knee socks being scolded and then having their panties lowered. How humiliating to be 19 years old and having their bare bottoms exposed yet again. They are then lead upstairs for their dreaded bedtime spanking over Miss Drower’s knee. Their bottoms are already sore from their spanking earlier in front of the class that they are dreading yet another spanking. Each naughty young lady is taken over the knee and spanked on the bare bottom with a slipper, hairbrush and firm hand. They won’t be sleeping comfortably and certainly plan to behave from now on as they don’t want to find themselves in this position again.

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