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In scene 11 of this feature length film, Jennifer (Played by Bianca Rose) had been rude to her teachers at college and a note was sent home to woman. woman (Mrs. Cooper) was less than pleased and is determined to make an example of poor Jennifer. Because she was rude in a public setting, her punishment will be carried out in a public setting; in front of the class at her woman’s academy. She gets the back of her thighs smacked before being taken over her woman’s knee for a bare bottom spanking. This has Jennifer kicking and sobbing. After her spanking she is made to sit on her sore spanked bottom and write a letter of apology to her teacher. That evening the inevitable happened, she was spanked again, but this time by Miss Drower, the . She is taken over the knee and spanked on her already spanked red bottom with the slipper before being led up the stairs to bed.

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