After hearing a noise, I notice Rachel snooping around my loft and rifling through drawers. She looks like a professional in a skin tight black catsuit, but I easily subdue her and soon she is carried to the basement over my shoulder. Her arms are bound behind her back around a sturdy steel post. I call the police, but the line has been disconnected, so I assume it is up to me to punish her for her crimes. I shove a huge ballgag in her mouth, (she tears up just from the gag) and then buckle all the straps very tightly. Once she is stood up, I bind her tits with electrical tape to make them more sensitive to the clamps. I crotchrope her and tighten it with a rope hoist. Her ankles are spread and tied to the legs of a table that is right behind the post. Her elbows are bound and then pulled up and tied off. She is nosehooked before her harness gag is tied off above. Rachel is in pure agony, but I have 0 sympathy for thieves, so I turn out the lights and leave her to endure. She might be like this for some time. I added a little behind the scenes footage.

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