Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
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I came into my new training session ready to get back on the workout train. I started my pre-stretches, because I wanted to be fresh and nimble for whatever was thrown my way. As my new trainer approached me, he was tall and strong, like he lifted weights multiple times a day. My trainer said he had a new method to burn fat faster, he wrapped me in packing tape and told me to start doing jumping jacks for my warm-up. I did as he asked since he was the trainer and he knows what he is doing. After I did several rounds of jumping jacks, he secured my arms in the packing tape to my sides. I started to doubt his intentions and was really starting to get worried. Before I could argue, and obviously I couldn’t escape, he then came at me with duct tape and slowly started at my feet and worked his way up my body. My body heat was rising and I was starting to panic and there was nothing I could. Before I knew it my body was fully mummified in packing and duct tape. He XXXX threw me to the floor and was tired of hearing my complaints. He shoved my own shoved my own sweaty socks into my mouth and secured that too with packing tape and then finally with duct tape. I was on the floor completely helpless. I tried to scream but no one could hear me. He dragged me around the floor and punished me as if I were a rag doll. He continued to torture me by playing with and tickling my toes. After he was done having his way with me he stole all my belongings. As he was exiting the room he slowly went around the room and turned off each individual light and just vanished, leaving me helpless, alone and in the dark

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