Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
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It is always fun to be a little naughty on the guest bed knowing that it’s your little secret from your house guests. As I was doing my womanly duties preparing the guest bedroom, I got a little excited and grabbed the suitcase of goodies and dragged my guy into the guest room with me. I sat on the edge of the bed eager for him to start tying me up. He used one rope and used up around my ankles then up to the top of my calf, making it very difficult to stand and balance. Tying a harness around my upper body and securing my arms, as I moved the rope would tighten and dig in just a little deeper into my skin. To make sure my “favorite gag” was put into place properly, she shoved the panties into my mouth, then created a black electrical tape reinforcement over my mouth. Then he added that ace bandage, this time my guy thought we was being clever, before the last wrap around he added double sided tape to it, so it wouldn’t slip around. I’m starting to not like his new found gag cleverness. I tried to be clever and attempted to get away (not sure where I was thinking I could go), but I tried anyway. He just managed to get me into a hogtie and got a nice spanking for attempting to inch worm away.

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