I was feeling sexy and wanted to show off how I was feeling. I put on my lacie black thong with garter belt and double layer of panty hose and thigh highs along with a strapless bra. I made a major effort to show my guy that I was in a playful mood walking around in my lingerie and black heels. It didn’t take long for him to catch my drift. He started by tying my legs up, first at my ankles then working his way up my legs. He then tied my wrists together behind my back. Trying to struggle and get away he caught me before I could hop away and through me onto the bed. So my sassy sarcasm couldn’t be heard he shoved two pairs of my panties in my mouth and secured it with the ace bandage. I tried once again to escape his hands, but then he added a very tight crotch rope because I was being naughty. And to prove to me that he was in still very much in charge he added the black leather collar and tied my head down to my knees so I was hunched over. The strain on my neck was kiling me. He watched as I tried to escape and was completely uncomfortable. Being such a nice guy that he is he took off my bra for his viewing pleasure, and watched as they bounced around as I struggled. To add to his own delight he started slapping my boobs around as if they were a punching bag. I wasn’t feeling sexy anymore. The strain on my neck was starting to get to me as was his slapping of my tits, I lost it emotionally and started to cry. He smirked as he sat and watched me crumble, he finally got the rise out of me that he was wanting.

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