Sandra had stepped out of city apartment, stilettos clicking on the pavement for a mere few steps, when she passed by a dark alley leading away along the side of her building. A shadowy figure had been waiting for this moment, Caroline; all dressed in black, reached out a hand and gripped the generously proportioned woman with slender hands that felt as strong as steel… Hours later the socialite in slinky, form fitting dress finds herself transported to an unknown location, safely out of the way of prying eyes and ears. The strong grip still holds her, despite her desperate struggles, as Caroline sternly secures Sandra in strips of super sticky silver duct tape. Bound at ankles, knees, thighs, waist, chest, arms and wrists, with mouth sealed and stuffed for good measure, this comely, curvy damsel in distress can wriggle and shake her massive breasts but struggle as she might, her bindings won’t break. Alone she struggles, till she hears a distant disturbance. Could it be a rescue? Or, is that mmmphs she hears coming closer…

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