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When you meet Tessa Taylor, you just start to feel like a dirty old man from the onset…Tessa purposely inspires such things..she is a young woman who is truly enjoying being a young woman…she flirts, she teases, she smiles and she looks like such a cute little tramp…We decided to get a bit southern on her and shoot a little diddy about a young woman who is being watched over by her oldster cause Pops is out of town…Well, she tries sneakin out in trampy clothes and oldster Pope is there to catch her in the act…like any good and just oldster, he ties her up and makes her cum…then hogties her on the table…Somehow, the Pope figured that she wanted to be a porn star…so he called me…I came over, checked her out, picked her up and brought her to my place…she was so excited about her first porn shoot…I strap her to a table, rig a vibrator to her pussy and leave her to writhe, moan and cum uncontrollably…This is a fantasy storyline and all performers are paid actors and actresses…Tessa was great! we hope to shoot her for a full length feature soon…

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