I let her sit there for a few minutes. I return and grope her bound tits for a while more. Next, I tie both of her ankles back, forcing her to lean forward more. I then clamp her nipples with clover clamps. I let her get used to them for a while before I remove one. I make a loop over the connecting chain before I pull them forward and down. I tie the other end off. Now Lilly is really leaning forward. To make her bondage a bit more stringent, I tie her hair back as well. Lilly has a very nice ass, but I can’t see it, so I cut away her blazer. While I have the scissors handy, I cut off her panties as well. Now I just sit back and enjoy the show. All Lilly can do is endure the pointed wood intruder between her legs. She is completely immobilized and unable to get any relief. I have a feeling she’ll have a much better attitude if and when I let her off. After a while I have a little fun smacking her ass and tits with a wooden spoon. She jerks so hard from one of the smacks that she pulls one of the clamps off. I finally remove the clamps and her gag. She doesn’t say a word. My plan seems to have worked. I lift her off the horse and put her on her knees. I was correct… Her attitude is 100% better! I have added some behind the scenes footage of Lilly being untied at the end of the clip.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 23:24
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