I missed working with Abby on her first visit to SocietySM as I had fallen ill, but I did not forget her…I waited for the weeks to pass so I could book her again…to have my way…I was immediately charmed by her incredibly sexy curves…but her demeanor is what makes Abby so attractive to me…she’s like a submissive little soldier, happy to endure whatever comes her way, because she knows it empowers her…she is unafraid and beautiful within it…So I set out with contempt to test her…surely she can’t be as strong as she seems…I tie, hang and bend her in cruel concoctions of distress with intent to break her…her breasts, nipples, pussy, all tested, very harshly…her body takes every preasure….I revel in her screams and moans with never a word of red…Abby does well to keep herself safe…either that or she just loves being objectified and used…Her many orgasms give good clues…I say, she sincerely loves it…without the slightest pretense, Abby is a survivor slave…that which does not her, makes her cum.

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