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This clip starts where Part 2 ended… The clover clamps are now tied to Amanda’s thighs. I once again leave her to endure her ordeal. It’s not long and I am back increasing the severity of her bondage. Her toes are bound with thin twine. In the process, one of the clamp slowly slips and slides off her nipple. I put it back on. Her head is pulled back and tied off. I clamp her septum and tie it off above. That pesky clamp slides off again, and once again, I put it back on. That poor nipple is sure taking some abuse, but it just wouldn’t be right to have one nipple clamped, now would it? I’m finally satisfied with my work. I step back and enjoy the view for a while. At the end of the clip I turn out the lights once again and leave Amanda to endure her bondage for the night.

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