The toughest female cop on the force, Ariel arrives home after work wearing a button up blouse, heeled boots, and a skin tight short skirt. One of Miguel’s thugs is waiting for her and quickly grabs and pins her arms behind her back and at the same time clasps his other hand tightly over her mouth. She tries to talk, but all we here are muffled sounds. He asks her a question, but she responds with who she is instead of answering, so his hand quickly and tightly gags her once again. He gags her with just a piece of tape as a test and then ties her wrists behind her back. He puts Ariel on the floor and she seems to be extremely irate and angry… He likes this and watches her grunt and try to talk. He removes her boots and then binds her ankles, before leaving Ariel on the floor. She struggles quite angrily for a while before realizing her phone is still on the end table by the sofa. She squirms her way over to it and manages to get the piece of tape off her mouth. As she tries to dial with her nose, Miguel’s thug returns to thwart her plan. More hand gagging for Ariel before he puts her on her knees and controls her by her hair. Her skirt is lifted and he pulls her satin panties up tight into her cunt before snipping them off. This makes Ariel quite angry, but he does not care. He removes her socks and then gags her with her socks and her pretty panties. Tape is now wrapped completely around her head. She will not be removing this gag on her own. The thug leaves her to struggle once again, but eventually returns with more rope and thin twine. He binds her toes with the thin twine before taunting her while pinning her head to the floor with his foot. Ariel is then put in a toes to wrist hogtie. She is still quite angry and feisty and every movement pulls on her painfully tight tied toes. The thug continues taunting her and she angrily moans through her 2 sock 1 panty gag. This is where Part 1 ends.

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