Hazel Hypnotic once remarked to us that she dreamed of being put upon a pedestal. What that dream probably did not include was being gagged with her own hair and made to masturbate live for all of our members. Even worse, she did not expect it to be covered with spikes soon after she got comfortable. It is a test of endurance, to see how long she can stand it, and it will not be the last one she suffers over the next 24 hours.
In fact, a few minutes later we have another distressing idea. Hazel is a smoker and we want to show her what a disgusting habit it is. We take a pair of cigarettes and put them up her nose. She will need to finish them both before we will be ready to move on. Every breath she takes comes with the acrid scent and burning sensation of smoke.
And the next treatment is even nastier. Clothes pins are a double edged sword. When you put them on they pinch so hard that they cut off the supply and make the area go numb. As soon as they are removed the supply comes rushing back, bringing a wave of intense sensation with it.

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