In part 1, Bronte begged MadiSin not to tell on her. And MadiSin, all sugar and spice, promised. But in part 2, PD smells a rat. He chains MadiSin onto the chair of spikes and shocks MadiSin’s nipples and cunt, mindfucking her into high terror as Bronte dutifully sucks PD’s cock. It doesn’t take long. Soon words are just spilling out of MadiSin’s traitorous mouth as she promises PD – I’ll do anything for you. Anything. I’ll torment that cunt for you. I swear.
Bronte is locked in the carvet and now MadiSin is in charge, caning Bronte as PD eggs her on. MadiSin sucks Bronte’s pussy as PD fucks her mouth. PD barely touches Bronte’s clit with the vibrator and she explodes into orgasm, squirting all over the place.
Now the table turns on MadiSin as Bronte puts her in strappado and whips her front and back. She dons a strap-on, rolling MadiSin’s bound body every which way, fucking first one hole, then the other until the traitorous cunt comes. Now it’s MadiSin’s turn in the metal box. Bronte drops the bar across the doors with a clang. The glory hole bangs shut. MadiSin disappears.

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