I enjoy a hunt every once in a while. I made it easy for Wenona to escape, knowing that she would never escape the compound, which is enclosed with barbed wire. Even if she did there is nothing beyond the fence for miles. wenona struggles to walk in heels looking for a break in the fence. She can’t remove them as the terrain would cut into her soles for sure. At one point she says to herself, “Who knows what will happen if he catches me”… We get a sneak peek into the future, as we know she’ll be caught. Wenona finally realizes that she can’t go over the fence with her arms tightly bound behind her back, so she attempts to go under. The lowest strand of wire is to low for her to fit under. I quietly sneak up behind her and quickly hood her. she gasps for air. I remove it and she knows there is nothing she can do but comply. He threatens to hood her again if she does not. He drives takes into the ground and hogties her on the ground utilizing them and a fence post. He leaves her to sweat and to endure her bondage and the critters. She finally hears him pull up with his truck. He watches her struggle for a bit before untying her. He leaves her arms bound as he guides her to the front of the truck. He manhandles her, slapping her tits and ass, before tying her spreadeagle on the hood. he drives to the other side of the compound where her punishment for trying to escape will take place.

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