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Yvette Costeau – the great escape

For over 10 years now, Yvette Costeau has been the main model at German bondage conventions. Her bondage skills and toughness are used by many people to demonstrate some serious bondage predicaments and to advertise for their websites and gear. Yvette is always used to hand out flyers to the public, often in tight rope bondage and gagged.
But since I gave her the chastity belt when we were on holiday in Spain, her handler really only wants to keep her in chastity during all conventions, because it gets much more attention than rope bondage. Whenever you will see Yvette now (in public), she will probably be locked in her belt and bra, handing out flyers all day long.
This convention, her handler really went very far. He cuffed her hands and elbows behind her back and made her go around the convention to distribute flyers to the unsuspecting crowd. While she was getting a lot of positive feedback on her metal outfit, Yvette wasn’t very happy that day. Her handler literally had to drag her around the convention, because she did not feel like working so hard. Some days you just don’t have the energy.
Annoyed with her behaviour, her handler dragged her outside into the street and put her on a bench to cool down. Yvette was out in the cold, in public, her hands cuffed behind her, in full chastity! Instead of apologising to her handler, she decided to make a run for it!!! She wandered the streets for some time, out in the open, cars honking at her, people staring in amazement at her outfit and her cuffs.
I don’t know what her plan was, because she was still cuffed, but she never got very far unfortunately. Her handler caught up with her at a bus stop, he was definitely not amused. He dragged her all the way back to the convention. He was so angry, he even made her run up the stairs while he took the escalator, dragging her along by the chains of her chastity bra! I don’t think Yvette will try to escape again, but you never know… she is a tough one!

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