The Family that spanks together, stays together. When Mark tells his partner Zully and her offspring Brenda, that he feels the best way they live up to the house rules, is to try a new punishment regime based on spanking, Brenda is not impressed. She argues back and says the idea is stupid, and she goes way too far, showing real disrespect to her parent. Mark decides this is the perfect time to demonstrate his spanking theory and he puts her over his knee and begins to slipper her over her skirt. Zully watches, initially shocked, but soon she finds it quite funny that her bratty offspring is finally being taught a lesson. When Brenda doesn’t learn her lesson quickly, Mark has no hesitation in embarrassing her by lifting her skirt up and paddling her over her panties, and when her attitude still doesn’t change..well down come her knickers for a slippering on the bare. Finally Brenda learns her lesson, her yelps of pain attest to that, and just look at that red bottom, and Zully takes pity on her and rubs some cream on it. Though most of the dialogue is in Spanish, the howls of pain are universal Post scene interview: Ana interviews Brenda and asks her how she thought the scene went. She asks if she enjoyed being spanked..and how it felt etc Ana asks Brenda whether she was spanked when she was growing up? She asks Brenda if a boyfriend has ever spanked her for pleasure?

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