Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I was all sorts of cozy, hanging around the house. And my guy was giving me sass, and chasing me around the house. Finally I caved into his persuasions. He started my tying up my legs in multiple spots. Pulling out the old white rope he started maneuvering the rope around my arms and upper body with one long rope. It was tight and secure. As my whole body was consumed with rope it made it difficult to stand, my balance was very off. My guy thinking he was smart and cunning, he started pushing me around playfully to see if I would fall. Luckily I only fell onto the chaise. After a good chuckle for him, and me mouthing off to him, he shoved multiple pairs of panties in my mouth to shut me up. He secured those tightly around my head with vet wrap. After some struggling I made it onto the chaise on my stomach. As I continued to struggle I was accidentally making it so that I was falling off and I couldn’t help myself. My guy decided to blind fold me to throw off my even more. He quietly watched as I attempted to try and not fall off the chaise.

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