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I love coming home from work knowing full well I wore sexy lingerie underneath my attire just to come home and show it off for my guy. To taunt and tease him all day with the pleasure of knowing he has to wait the entire day until he too can enjoy it. And that just what he did…He started by XXXX me to undress for him, followed by an immediate pull of the hair, and a crotch rope to accentuate my assets. Since I tortured him all day it was his turn to torture me. He placed a ball in my hands then wrapped them with black electrical tape, making sure there was no skin showing. Placing me into the chair and circling me like a vulture waiting to prance onto it’s prey, he quickly and efficiently tied my legs to the legs of the chairs. Not symmetrical, just so that I had to sit uncomfortably and with my legs spread wide open. Tying my hands to the back of the chair, XXXX me to sit up properly made my legs spread even further apart to accommodate my new stance. Knowing how much it pisses me off, my guy shoved several pairs of panties in my mouth and added the terrible no good ace bandage around it to secure them. I hate it so much, it cuts off circulation to my neck and makes it terrible to breathe. I was starting to not enjoy my torture session, to make it worse he added the leather collar. So not only could i not breathe from the gag, the leather collar was restricting me even more grasping around my throat. Pleading and possibly even a tear was enough for my guy to remove the gag and collar, but only after he had plenty of time to enjoy his view. He may have taken the gag and collar off but he then stuck me in timeout as he went about the rest of his evening.

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